Wednesday 18th May

Butterfly Block



1 piece fabric for background 12.5" x 12.5"

A small coloured handkerchief ( ladies size not gents)

Sewing thread to match handkerchief

Embroidery Thread eg cotton perle 8 or equivalent in floss

Small piece of felt . 1" triangle

Usual sewing kit

The embroidery thread is for the antennae and felt for butterfly head.

There will be some  black perle  and felt available at the meeting. If you want any other colour to match your handkerchief please bring your own.



During the year we will also be looking at the 1718 Coverlet. 

For those who wish to participate the instructions for some of the blocks in the original quilt will be available at the meetings along with the list of required materials. This may inspire a few to proceed with making their own replica of the  quilt or the blocks can be used in other projects.

They can be made using a variety of ways, EPP, Hand sewn or Machined.

This could be a great way to use up all those small pieces of fabric we all have in our stash or even show case beautiful material that has been looking for a purpose.

If you would like to make some blocks which we could collate into a charity quilt at the end of this project please ensure all fabric is new 100% cotton.


Materials for 18th May block

4   6cm squares in colour A

2   6cm x 3.2cm strips in colour B

1    12.7cm x 3.2cm strip in colour B

Usual sewing kit.





Saturday 14th May

10am - 3pm

There will be 2 projects offered

Conical Quilted Peg Bag

Handbag Door Stop

Materials required for doorstop

i piece of fabric 17" x 24" tweed, cotton, furnishing fabric, either as one piece or made up of patchwork or stripes ( these should be machined for strength)

I piece minimum 17" x 12" , as one piece for gussets, handle , filler

Medium/heavy iron on interfacing minimum size 16" x 35"

Toy stuffing 

i large button

2 sealed/ unopened bags of cheap rice ( to weight bag)

Templates and instructions available on the day.


Materials for Peg Bag


Cotton Fabric

Outer      25 pieces 4" x 4"

Loop        1 piece 2" x 5"

Lining       1 piece 18" x 18"

Binding     1 piece 12" x 12"

If you prefer commercial bias binding you will need a piece 2.5 mm wide  x 1.25 metre in length  

Wadding   1 piece 18" x 18"

                     1 piece 9" x 9"

                     1 Carabiner ( available to purchase £1 each)


If you do not want to piece the outer bag from the squares a piece of fabric 18" x 18" will make the outer. All other materials remain the same.



















Keeping you safe


The past 2 years have created issues for many of us but we are happy to see every one return. 

We have made a few changes to the way the room is laid out.

Tables will be set with 4 chairs only.

If you would like a drink we ask that you bring your own mug and tea bag. We will supply boiling water milk and biscuits.

Masks are not currently essential but if you feel more comfotable wearing one please do so.

We will have hand sanitiser available.


If you are a non member reading this and would like to join us please contact us before attending.Details are on the home page.