Kettering Quilters
Kettering Quilters 

March 21st


This will be our Annual General Meeting


Please bring some hand sewing of your choice for the time following the business part of the meeting







April 18th


Siddi Quilting


Materials required

Background fabric to suit the project you are going to make ( eg cushion front place mat table runner)

Large mix of colouered scraps sizes ranging from 2" - 8" ( allow approx 50 pieces for a 20" square cushion front)

Wadding the same size

If making a table runner  or place mat backing fabric

Pins plenty of them also useful  quilters/safety pins to prevent getting stabbed while sewing

Thread for sewing/quilting. Aurifil 12wt or something similar in any colours you think appopriate

Usual sewing kit

As there will be several thicknesses of fabric to sew through a thimble may be useful













Saturday April 21st


This will be a friendly gathering of members  to try and unravel the mystery of the Bargello pattern




Fabric requirements:


Choose one or two fabrics you like and then choose some that are lighter and darker of the shades chosen making a total of 6 pieces of material. You need to have an accent colour to make the bargello pattern stand out.


From each piece of material


Cut 2 strips  21/2" x 21"


Lay the strips out and put them in the order you want to sew them starting with the lightest through to the darkest which will be your accent strip. Sort the strips into 2 identical piles . Label each strip1-6 in each pile. When you are happy with the order they want to be sewn in, pin each pile together so they dont get mixed up.


Using a 1/4" seam throughout take the first pile and sew strip 1 and 2 together. Finger press seam in one direction. Take strip 3 and join to strip 2 finger press seam in opposite direction. Continue with all the strips from first pile joining as before and finger pressing in opposite directions each seam. When all strips from pile 1 have been sewn then add strip 1 from pile 2 onto strip 6 which you have just sewn and continue as before machining all the strips in order and finger pressing in opposite directions. you will then have a rectangle of strips in ascending order of shades of colour.


It would help if you can be at this stage when you come to the workshop then you should be able to complete the bargello pattern on the day.



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